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Since the introduction of the UDS-AT in 2015, the product has been placed in more than 25,000 motor vehicles throughout Europe, in a very wide range of applications. The functions of the UDS-AT have been further developed so we can offer our customers the best possible benefit from use of the system. The accident data recorder is now in the 4th generation, and the baton passes to the youngest member of the Kienzle Argo accident data recorder family: UDS-ATPRO.

The accident data recorder registers and records the most complex sequences of events when an accident or similar incident occurs, as far as possible automatically. All event-relevant data are thus saved and are available for readout, evaluation and external expert analysis.



Highlights at a glance

The current 4th generation of devices is even more future-oriented and safer. The special features of the UDS-ATPRO compared to the UDS-AT:

 ›Smaller size
 ›Simplified installation due to new, more flexible cable concept
 ›Same mounting kit as before 
 ›More memory for events
 ›Additional information through optionally recordable CAN signals
 ›New splash-proof (IP54), disinfectable UDS key with improved acoustic and optical signalling
 ›GNSS module for future-proof reception of global navigation satellite systems
 ›Improved plug protection through lead sealing for more functional and manipulation safety



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The UDS-ATPRO is intended for use in motor vehicles with a view to detecting and recording traffic-related extreme situations such as accidents.  It is possible to reconstruct accidents on the basis of data that can be used in court, including documentation of the special signalling equipment; this can then be evaluated by trained accident data recorder experts. Access to the secured data is only possible by means of special evaluation software.

The UDS-ATPRO can be used in almost all vehicle categories, including cars, motorbikes, buses, lorries, light commercial vehicle and trams.

The evaluation options can also be made available to fleet management for purposes of preventive damage control and thus for cost reduction in connection with vehicle fleets.

Benefit from our experience!

We have been intimately familiar with the accident data memory system since its market launch in 1991. Today, almost 30 years later, we have arrived at the youngest member of the 4th generation of devices, the Kienzle Argo UDS-ATPRO.

Right from the beginning we have known how to organise personal and reliable sales and service in connection with the accident data recorder.

We can assure you of a successful system introduction, by selecting for you the appropriate hardware components, installation and software training and the appropriate system configuration.

Kienzle Argo and its partners are available nationally and internationally, with expert teams at all locations who will be happy to advise you on the possibility of incorporating the system in your vehicles. With our installation workshops offering all the necessary technical equipment, we are able to install all our products in your vehicles in a quality-assured, efficient and professional way.

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