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How does the course work in practice?

For all those who are attending an online seminar for the first time, here are a few tips. First of all: don’t worry, taking a course is completely problem-free and even less computer-experienced participants will manage it without a problem. Though to talk of ‘managing’ already seems excessive, because there really is not much to do. Reading the description below will take a whole lot longer than dialling in to a webinar.

Registering and logging in to the event

There are just two steps needed (or three if you are taking part for the first time):

  1. You log on to the platform (with your first and last name and e-mail address).
  2. You click on the invitation link that you received via the e-mail address you provided.

By clicking on this link, you will be automatically redirected to the virtual classroom and will see the remote screen on your monitor (first of all a welcome screen, followed by the presentation).

What equipment do you need in order to take part?

You will need:

  • A reliable internet connection
  • PC, laptop or Tablet
  • Headphones or headset (as an alternative, audio can also be provided via the landline connection).

Seminar schedule and audio connection

To be able to listen in after the connection has been established, you will need a loudspeaker or ideally (because of the better audio quality) a headset. Even a microphone is not necessary for most of our events. Since the individual background noises of the participants (e.g. telephone, printer or barking dog) quickly add up to a disturbing level of background noise, all participants are muted out during the session. However, your questions will still be answered on an individual basis. Questions and comments can be entered via a chat area and will then be forwarded by the moderator to the speaker for answering. This also has the advantage of saving valuable time (as a rule we only have two hours): the moderator can, for example, filter out duplicate questions or answer questions already asked in the background via the chat. Apart from that, we do not slavishly adhere to this rule. If you have the impression that your question needs a lot of explanation, just let us know via the chat. In consultation with the speaker, the moderator can then give you the floor, so that you can voice your issue over the microphone.


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